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Already Compromised , by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, Dr. Greg Hall of Warner University, and Britt Beamer of America's Research Group, is a brand-new book that reveals the troubling state of today's Christian colleges. Drawing from an unprecedented study of 200 U.S. Christian colleges and universities, the authors examine what administrators and professors actually believe and teach regarding the Bible and science. The results are frightening, but critical for parents to know. Learn how to ask the right questions before making any college decision.
These reasons why many families are learning to design their own college curriculum. The Biblical Concourse can help were you need help designing your college program.

The Rushdoony Courses Free HERE (15 lessons = 1 credit, 124 credits = Bachelors Degree in Christian Reconstruction)

The Harvard Classics Free

Calculus Made Easy Being a very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods which are general called by the terrifying names of the Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus (Free Text Here)

Consider a Selah Year living in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota!
A nine month worldview and career reforming discipleship program

Would you like to get paid for making a transformative impact in your profession while a student? The Concourse is now offering 5 students half of the net income from the actual sales of products developed and sold to intentionally transform the profession of the student's interest.



God has revealed a finite amount of absolute truth that can be taught and learned systematically to produce a well educated Christian. Harvard taught such a curriculum for 200 years. Many Christian thinkers have confirmed the value of the classical languages, great books, Christian philosophy, and Christian classics for Christians in every walk of life. Many of these works are difficult to study independently, but come alive when studied in a group. The Concourse core curriculum stands as the measure of a well educated Christian. It also uses the most family friendly seminar discussions, tutorials, laboratories, and preceptorials to convey this knowledge.









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The Engineering Freshman- Sophomore Recommendation Brochure is now available HERE.

Why is grading optional?






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Have We Gone the Way of Rome? (pdf)

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What Constitutes True Education in the Biblical Worldview?

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Some students like to have a scope and sequence recommendation,
as being developed in our Departments.


The Dorm Key Ritual
by Gary North

The Concourse believes that your family  can home educate through any college subject, implement Biblical thought in any profession and thereby return the spiritual and economic power of higher education to your family.

The National Inflation Association figures that college education is the biggest scam in the history of the United States. The video below provides their rationale.


What is the Biblical Concourse?

The Biblical Concourse of Home Universities provides supplemental courses, curriculum, and projects to Christian families who are pursuing their own unique alternatives to institutional college learning. Participants include high school students, college students, graduate students, and professionals desiring to continue their education. The Concourse knowledge and people resources help individuals and families implement Biblical truth and creatively challenge the cultural norms in their occupations.

Participants invest in their own offices, shops, laboratories and businesses as they develop and accomplish their learning objectives. This results in the lowest cost, most time efficient and directly useful high quality education, which purposely builds family economies and motivates multigenerational faithfulness to God.

How it Works

1. Each student submits an application. Then an advisor works with the student and parents to create the first semester course, curriculum, and or project goals and schedule. A letter of acceptance is then sent to qualifying student.

2. The student then accomplishes his or her higher education learning objectives, incorporating the Concourse recommendations where helpful and meeting weekly with their advisor to provide feedback on the weekly accomplishments and create the next level goals and schedule.

"Even now, most persons would admit that the important services their teachers have rendered them are such advice or counsel, given at a chance meeting or in a tutorial." Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, 1970.

3. The student completes his or her higher education goals and demonstrates competency through his or her resume, curriculum vita, portfolio, course certificates, industry certifications, professional exams, work experiences, apprenticeships, intrapreneurships and or entrepreneurships that were incorporated into their years of study. Student portfolios are updated each week, student transcripts are updated each semester, and the parents issue the degree where desired.

Competencies proven through portfolios provide a Biblical approach to credentialing and the equivalency of a degree without compromising the student's family, faith, learning motive, peer environment or professional opportunities.

What does it cost?

The overall cost of completing one’s college education within your family is estimated to be one tenth of a four-year public in-state resident college or one 20th of a four-year private resident in-state college. Student work experiences can be embedded in each curriculum, which eliminates the need for loans.

Each Concourse contact hour and professional contact hour is charged to student accounts at one ounce silver per hour. Independent study students typically need one contact hour per week for direction, encouragement & accountability. (Why silver?)

Why Should Parents Consider Handling Higher Education?
The short answer is: Christianity, family, money, and the future of our culture. It is well known that secular higher education in our day is promoting anti-Christian ideas, and that students who attend Christian colleges are leaving the faith at higher rates than those who attend secular universities. It is time to challenge the cultural norms that have removed Christianity from the marketplace and separated families.

Answers to frequently asked questions are at this link.


Strategic Planning is helpful not only to businesses and non-profit organizations, but anyone who wants to make the most of their time and talents. Here are two references that the Biblical Concourse uses to guide students in the development of their own college and or career strategic plans.

Is strategic planning Biblical?

Strategic Plan for AnyBiz Inc

Strategic Planning Training

"A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


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